Rebecca H. Miller

Rebecca Miller

JD, 2020



Community Legal Clinics Volunteer Service Award

The Volunteer Service Award is presented to a student whose dedication goes above and beyond expectations in "promoting public interest law." This year’s winner, Rebecca Miller, will receive an engraved gavel.

In praise of Becca, Nominating faculty said: “In the Health Rights Advocacy Clinic, Becca helped several clients with significant matters in the fall semester, including an elderly woman whose son was trying to get her discharged from a nursing home, and another frail and elderly woman who was in danger of losing her home care services. She immersed herself in the legal standards, court procedures, and the detailed process of assessing the need for home care, working tirelessly to help her clients understand the rules affecting their claims and to make informed decisions. She was a tireless advocate for these clients. Becca also took the time during the semester to visit a senior center in Ward 8, providing on-site counseling assistance to people with Medicare regarding their options for coverage. Even after she had graduated from the Clinic, she devoted her time to clinic work. In the spring semester, she taught a class for the new clinic students about Medicaid's new home care assessment process. Becca also met - more than once - with the new student attorneys helping one of her former clients, providing additional background information about the traumatic experiences the client had suffered, so that her client would not need to revisit these experiences with her new attorneys. She did an excellent job in all aspects of client, class, and other clinic work - and then continued to do an excellent job even when her clinic was done.”

Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Vassar College.
She was also a member of The Federal Circuit Bar Journal.