Mutasim Ali Ahmed

Mutasim Ali

LLM, 2020
International and Comparative Law


Thelma Weaver Memorial Award

The Thelma Weaver Memorial Award is presented to the foreign graduate student who, in the judgment of the Dean and the International Graduate Studies Committee, contributed most to the intellectual and professional life of the law school, its students and faculty. It was established by the late Professor David Weaver in honor of his wife, Thelma, who was devoted to our foreign students.  The recipient, Mutasim Ali, will be given a monetary award as well as a Dean’s Certificate of Achievement and his name etched on a wall plaque at the law school.

One faculty member said: "Mutasim Ali is from Sudan and is currently pursuing his LLM. He is concentrating on International and Comparative Law and international human rights. Mutasim has an extraordinary life story as a genocide survivor, refugee in Israel, human rights advocate, and lawyer. Mutasim has been a light at this law school during his graduate studies. He has shown us what hope can look like in times of darkness and how to be resilient in the worst of times. We are lucky to have him as a student in a year like this one. He has become a leader among the LLM students and has greatly excelled academically during his time with us."

"Mutasim is brilliant, passionate, engaging, and kind. He is also full of empathy and warmth and is always smiling.  His energy and thirst for knowledge are contagious.  We have all been greatly honored to meet him and are still learning from him. He has influenced each of us in a very special way. His legal contributions to the world will be boundless."


Favorite Memory from GW Law

My favorite memory at GW Law was Thirsty Thursday.


Favorite Quote

"Remember you are all lawyers"

Dean Celorio

With Gratitude

Mama and baba, I know you will read this sometime and I want you to know that I love you dearly. I am sorry that I have not been there for you for many years. I promise I had you in my heart. Thank you GW community, my professors, my classmates, administrators, and everyone. Thank you for your support. I have learned from each one of you. To all those who supported me throughout my life thank you for being my family in exile. This is for you, too.