Mustapha M. Nyallay

Mustapha M. Nyallay

JD, 2020


Favorite Memory from GW Law

My favorite memory at GW Law came during 1L year. Although the first year of law school is a challenging year, I very much enjoyed much of the course materials, the lectures, the wit of the professors, the Socratic method, and the rigorous process that entails first year experience.


Favorite Quote

Most people in law school were at the top of wherever they're coming from. Thus, most people want to be at the top of their law school class, but only a few people can be at the top. This obviously creates competition like you have never seen before, but always remember to breathe and be nice to everybody.

With Gratitude

I would like tp thank my family for being as supportive as possible during my academic endeavor irrespective of the fact that they live abroad. I would also like to thank the many friends, and acquaintances that I made during my time at GW Law for making this journey less stressful. I would like to thank my classmates especially the "Great Marshall Inn" for helping in contributing to an academically challenging environment which helped in stimulating every student's legal thinking. Thank you to the administration (including financial aid office, career development office), faculty, staff (including librarians, security personnel, as well as janitors) for helping in creating a welcoming, and serene academic environment that met my expectations of the law school and assured me that I made the right choice to come to GW. I want to say a special thank you to Professor Cynthia Lee, Professor Spencer Overton, Professor Weisburd, Professor Dalia Mitchell, and Ms. Bobby for contributing to making my time at GW Law a memorable one. Thank you all!!