Michael Gregory Fischer

Michael Fischer

JD, 2020


With Gratitude

Thank you to my parents for their unconditional love and support throughout this entire journey. To my Dad for teaching me to love the law and my Mom for picking me up and dusting me off when things got tough. To Alexandra, for being my inspiration, my rock, and for always being my biggest advocate. To the friends I made as a student at GW Law, especially those in the evening program, whose unwavering dedication and tenacity motivated me when things seemed impossible. To the GW Law Admissions Office for giving me the opportunity to receive the best legal education I could ask for and the faculty and staff who made it such a memorable experience. To my professors, especially Professors Aram Gavoor, Robin Juni, Robert Glicksman, Stephen Saltzburg, Jeffrey Manns, and Judge John Campbell, for their profound dedication to their students and for fostering my enthusiasm for the law. To my professional mentors who encouraged and supported me throughout my pursuit of a law degree, especially Elbert Lin, Anthony Meni, and Senator Shelley Moore Capito. Finally, to my grandparents, who helped make me the person I am today and are always in my heart. There are too many people to thank, but this would not be possible without each of you. Thank you all for helping me achieve the privilege, the responsibility, and my dream of becoming a lawyer.