Megan E. Schumm

George Washington Statue

JD, 2020

Favorite Memory from GW Law

Law Revue! I can’t put one year as my favorite. 2018 was a wonderful introduction. 2019 was my chance to lead. 2020 taught me beautiful lessons. It was a great time with some great grilled cheeses at Stoney’s, and I will never not think “DJ Kelly” or “Bob Mueller Pet Detective” are hilarious.


Favorite Quote

“Oh, I thought we were just being inclusive."

Me in LRW

With Gratitude

I need to thank, above all, my parents Bob and GiGi for their amazing support. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for always believing in me.

Next comes Rick, who kept me going when times got rough. I love you.

Then there’s Ham, who served as my faithful familiar these three years. Keep on keeping on, little cat man.

Finally thanks to the wonderful friends I’ve made in law school. You guys have been a wonderful family here, and I’m in your debt for all the times you reminded me of a deadline or told me where a classroom was.