Luisa Daniela Dyer Melhado

Luisa Daniela Dyer Melhado


JD, 2021*

*Degrees will be conferred in August 2021 upon those students who complete all degree requirements in the 2021 Summer Sessions.

Favorite Memory from GW Law

My fondest memory of GW is when I arrived on campus one morning after obtaining an internship with the Honorable Judge Brower through one of the university’s events. I recall looking around and feeling so grateful for being part of the GW community, for being taught by an outstanding faculty, and for having attended here. GW has provided a resilient foundation for my future professional career as an international lawyer, and I miss it already.


Favorite Quote

“I want to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

With Gratitude

First and foremost, I am extremely grateful to my family who helped me stand when I needed the support and held my hand at every step of this journey. I could not have done it without them. I want to thank my employer since my first year of Law School, Judge Charles Brower for the invaluable advice and opportunities to learn and to grow professionally as his intern. I also want to thank the Faculty who believed in me, especially Dean Rosa Celorio. Lastly, I want to thank the friends that became family throughout this journey for their support, Laura Saini in particular.