Ethan Alexander Barr

Ethan Alexander Barr Portrait

JD, 2021

Favorite Memory from GW Law

Law Revue, Band Gigs, and Open Mics (i.e., becoming a part-time entertainer in law school)


Favorite Quote

"Let Billy here continue to belt his ballad."

With Gratitude

Thanks to my immediate family (Mom, Dad, and Train), extended family, better half (Tessa), all my dear friends (both in and outside of law school), the band (Attractive Nuisance, coming to a venue near you...hopefully soon), the FOBB Squad, and anyone who attended a party or lived at 625 Rhode Island.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Professors Suter, Schooner, and Kettler for building the best possible foundation for me as a 1L, and to Professor Brauneis for guiding me seamlessly into the world of "soft IP."