Daniel Alejandro Tovar Angola

Daniel Alejandro Tovar Angola


LLM, 2021
Government Procurement Law

Favorite Memory from GW Law

I will never forget the feeling I had when I attended a GW Law classroom for the first time ever. The curious thing is that this feeling never left me, not even when everything became virtual. The best thing is that, on my commencement day, I still feel the same.


Favorite Quote

"Vincere non è importante, é l'unica cosa che conta"

Giampiero Boniperti

With Gratitude

To my wife, who has supported me throughout my whole life and encouraged me to pursue this academic challenge. To my mom and dad who raised me and made me capable of achieving many things with humility and care for others. To Dean Celorio, for being an incredible mentor, colleague, and friend. I really feel fortunate I received her sound advice and empathetic guidance throughout the last two years. To my family in my home country Venezuela, this is for you, too.