Damilola Arowolaju

Damilola Arowolaju

Damilola Arowolaju

JD, 2020


Favorite Memory from GW Law

The Oxford International Human Rights Law program. I had the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world on how to solve some of our world’s most pressing issues, while studying in one of the world’s oldest academic institutions.


Favorite Quote

"Empathy and vulnerability are the keys to true human connection."

With Gratitude

My journey to this destination was not easy. It required traveling across the world, traveling across the country, and navigating obstacles—some of my own creation. But I never took a step alone. To those that mentored me; taught me; prayed for me; and supported me in big and small ways—thank you. I promise I will pay it forward. And work to make the journeys of others smoother.