Brittany Woodman

Brittany Woodman


LLM, 2021*
Intellectual Property Law

*Degrees will be conferred in August 2021 upon those students who complete all degree requirements in the 2021 Summer Sessions.

Favorite Memory from GW Law

After class towards the end of the semester in my Patent Law Seminar with Professor Karshtedt we had a Zoom happy hour. It was a lot of fun getting to know everyone in class!


Favorite Quote

"She's jealous of me, Mariea!" - Me, talking to my stepmom about an online order gone wrong.

With Gratitude

Thank you to my partner, Reza, for supporting my endeavors in returning to law school to complete my LLM. Thank you to my best friend, Kylee, for the late-night phone calls and always loving me no matter what. Thank you to my parents who probably still are not quite sure what my LLM is for, but fully support me getting it. Thank you to my mentor, Mac, for always helping me when I have questions, providing funny law stories, and supporting my decision to go back to school. Finally, I would like to thank my Chia pets, Terry and Ellie, for providing the emotional stability and effortless hobby I needed during a pandemic learning environment.