Booth Tucker Prathipaty, Jr.

Booth Tucker Prathipaty, Jr.


LLM, 2021
Business and Finance Law

Favorite Memory from GW Law

Every single day I went to the halls of the law school before the pandemic. 
 Every single memory made all over D.C. with my friends during the pandemic.
 The people I met are my favorite memories: Paul, Hooman, Estefania, Harriet, Jordan, Hannelore, Piotr, Denitza, Rebecca, Alejandra, Fiorella, Emma, Giulia, Jorge, Jahnavi, Joselle, Debbie, Vrudhi, Ney, Reem, Abdullah, Nacer, Ahmed, and Fatamah.


Favorite Quote

"To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness" - Bertrand Russell

With Gratitude

I thank my mother for her financial and emotional support. 
 I thank my girlfriend, Spandana, for making my life in America easier. 
 I thank my friends and colleagues in India and America, without whose acuity and intellectual collaboration this journey would be incomplete. 
 I thank all of my professors for being ever so supportive and helping me grow beyond the classroom.
 I thank my Director, Prof. Jeremy Pam, for his kindness, candor, and good cheer. 
 Lastly, I thank the United States of America for enabling me to dream.