Anna Elena Mizzi

Anna Mizzi

JD, 2020


Richard C. Lewis, Jr. Memorial Award

The Richard C. Lewis Award is presented to the member of the graduating Juris Doctor class who exhibited extraordinary dedication to his or her work in the legal clinics and unusual compassion and humanity toward clients and colleagues. The winner of this award, Anna Mizzi, will receive an engraved gavel.

The nominating faculty said: “Anna dove headfirst into her work in the Family Justice Litigation Clinic, so much so that she continued on for a total of three semesters of dedicated, zealous client work. She took on the most complex divorce and custody case the Clinic has ever handled. She went above and beyond in her work, preparing two written motions, conducting a multi-hour deposition of her represented and highly-resourced opposing party, preparing for and litigating a contested trial, and even working during the intervening summer to prepare a motions hearing, to name just a few of her many accomplishments. The student's tireless advocacy allowed her client to have regular visitation with her children, whom she had not seen for more than a year until the Clinic took her case. And, along with her clinic partners, she put on a strong case in support of her client's claim to joint custody of her children.

Anna also represented a survivor of a horrific incident of domestic violence. Because her client was legally blind and had difficulty traveling around the city, she and her partner interviewed the client in the community to facilitate the representation. She also worked to gather critical corroborative evidence of the assault to support her client's case. Ultimately, Anna and her partner successfully negotiated with their client's abuser to obtain all of the relief she sought. Her commitment to her client drove her to assist beyond the CPO case, as well. To help her client move from the apartment where the assault occurred, she researched alternative housing options, and connected her client with housing advocates to support her extra-legal needs. In short, Anna was the definition of a zealous advocate.”

Kappa Beta Pi Full-Time Award

The Kappa Beta Pi awards are presented to the women in the full-time and part-time divisions who attained the highest cumulative averages in the first year of legal study.  Each student receives a monetary award, a Dean’s Certificate of Achievement, and a computer tablet holding a legal dictionary. Anna Mizzi is the student with the highest GPA in the first year of law school in the day division. 

Anna received her Bachelor of Arts from American University, focusing on Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government.  She also was the Senior Notes Editors for The George Washington Law Review, as well as the journal competition administrator.

With Gratitude

With sincerest gratitude to all my mintana. Words cannot express what having your support, smiles, and tough love have meant to me. I truly would not be able to be in this position without each and every one of you.