Alessia Isabel Bonilla Rietti

Alessia Bonilla Rietti


LLM, 2020
Business and Finance Law


Favorite Memory from GW Law

Mapa, Stephy, Aisha, and I sat every day in the same lounge area on the second floor. Professor Pam realized we were always there and named the area the "Business and Finance Office" (BAF Office). BAF Office became my second home. If you wanted to find any of us, we would be there, to chat or to study, and definitely always up for food. BAF Office will be missed!


Favorite Quote

"We are all in this together."
"You are already lawyers!"

With Gratitude

Thank you God for this opportunity and for giving me the strength to keep going. Thanks to my parents who support every decision I make and encourage me to take advantage of every opportunity: this one is for YOU!

To Ariana: thank you for being the best roommate, for putting up with me during exams and stress days and for being my unconditional support. Mikey: I love you. To my Grandparents: I am so grateful to have you, thank you for being part of every big achievement in my life and being so proud. To my aunts: You guys are the best cheerleaders! To my Godfather: Thanks for making DC so much easier and always being there! To my friends back home: A FaceTime, voice note or text message definitely made my day better.

To my LLM B.Crew: GW couldn't have given me a better family than you guys, every lunch, coffee break, walk, party, study sessions, and Citron were so worth it. MPs forever! Ms. Joshi, Ms. Celorio, Melanie, Professor Pam and Reni, thank you for always being available and looking over us, you guys made our LLM even better. GW Law: Thank you for this experience, for all the opportunities, for always being so proactive and problem-solvers!

Being part of the GW Law community is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Proud GW Law 2020 Graduate!