Aaron James Aber

JD, 2020



Jamie Grodsky Prize for Environmental Law (2020)

Presented to the members of the graduating Juris Doctor or Master of Laws class for the best papers written in the previous year in the field of environmental law.

Favorite Memory from GW Law

LRW. I made some of my best friends at law school in that class.


With Gratitude

I am incredibly grateful for the friends that I made over the past three years who believed in me, offered me advice, and let me rant about the tiny (and not so tiny) annoyances of law school. I am grateful to have found a smart and passionate group of people who share my interest in environmental law. I am also grateful for my family and my friends outside of law school who supported me and reminded me that there was a world beyond campus. Finally, I am honored to have learned about the law from dedicated and passionate faculty who showed us the good that we could do with our degrees.